Our custom marketing consulting team has the experience and ability to deliver Smart Marketing Analysis on key growth areas. 

This is accomplished through a thorough secondary research effort combined with primary research interviews and analysis which gives you new insights into your growth markets.  Whether it’s to identify key acquisition targets, competitive environment, market size or customers unfulfilled needs, The Kefali Group is the smart choice for all your marketing strategy needs.

Smart Marketing Analysis

Market Insight Services

Competitive  Assessment

Customer Intelligence

Market Segmentation

Product Development

Concept Testing

Logistics and Distribution

Value Chain Analysis

Market Assessment



Market Forcasting

Opportunity Screening

Market Entry Strategy

Industry/Market Readiness

Unmet Needs

Strategic Growth

Customer Intelligence

Customer Mapping

Key Accounts

Unmet Needs

Customer Perception and Voice

Analysis of Services Rendered

Competitive Landscapes

Threat Analysis

Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Site Location Studies